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Why Stony Hill Advisors?

Why Stony Hill Advisors?

Stony Hill Advisors is well versed in consulting with clients’ trusted advisors to provide the most complete due diligence. We employ an in-depth consultative approach to understand a business exit strategy, financial goals, and retirement objectives. Think of Stony Hill Advisors as the quarterback that works with the clients’ counter parties, their CPA and attorney, to ensure that a transaction is coordinated and achieves the desired outcome.

Stony Hill Advisors has a special focus on working with both buyers and sellers of businesses in any industry. We are separated from other advisors in that our team is built upon many years of prior successful corporate roles in small, medium, and large corporations. We also operate as a merger and acquisition advisory firm, our core foundation, specializing in providing intermediary services for lower middle market companies and small business entrepreneurs.

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