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Stony Hill Advisors - M&A Advisory Firm

Stony Hill Advisors is a M&A Advisory Firm, and a portfolio company of SBDG.

Stony Hill Advisors helps its clients manage the internal and external teams necessary to prepare to execute on an Exit Planning strategies.

Services provided can save a client time, money, and best showcase the business.

Services include:

  1. Pre-Planning

  2. Due Diligence Preparation

  3. Business Valuation

  4. Confidential Offering Memorandum

  5. Market Study

  6. Deal Structure Options

  7. Go to Market Strategy

  8. Negotiation and Closing

Stony Hill represents clients in the following states:

  • New York

  • New Jersey

  • Pennsylvania

  • Delaware

  • Connecticut

  • Ohio

  • Florida

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • California

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