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Business Owners Exit

Do you have an exit plan or strategy for your business? In today’s economic environment business owners need a plan to maximize their business value and fight the downward trends of inflation, taxes, and tightening capital access for buyers.

Undertaking a plan requires business owners to think like investors - not as just another business owner seeking to seller their business. Why?

Investing/buying is the art of “Buying Low and Selling High.”

Selling/Exiting is the art of “Sell High.”

There’s a lot between these opposing positions so how do businesses bridge the gap? It all starts with a strategic plan for your Exit including the timing chosen for the execution. Business owners with $1 million in adjusted EBITDA can be positioned to strengthen their value proposition by double digits. While I’m sure it sounds too good to be true, it is done every day by savvy institutional buyers.

That leads me to ask, as a business owner are you getting the best advice on selling your business?

Email or text me (910-476-7404) to set up a call for a no obligation discussion.


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